Cape Cod: Enjoy a Laidback Vacation


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Cape Cod is one of the prime beach destinations of New England. My love for beaches took me to this city. The natural beauty of the city is surely going to enthrall you. This is the best city to unwind from the daily drudgeries of life. Come here and relax in the sun and do not forget to carry your camera. Let’s take a look at the best things that you can do when you are in Cape Cod.

National Seashore

It stretches over 40 miles and is protected as the National Seashore of the city. It hasn’t changed much since Henry David Thoreau took a walk on it. It is a beautiful beach. The scenic beauty simply melted my heart. There are miles of hiking trails which attracts a lot of visitors every year. You will also find birds nesting ground in here.


It had been established in the year 1969 by Nantucket. This served as the center of the whaling industry of the world. It is mainly popular because of its beaches. I cycled on the cycling paths. I also came across some historic attractions here. If you visit during the month of April, you will be lucky enough to see the roads lined with daffodils.

Province Town

Popular for its music and art, the place is located at the top part of Cape Cod. Pilgrims are known to have landed here in 1620 prior to moving on to Plymouth. The beaches here are just excellent. Also, you will miles to walk and cycling. I went for a boat excursion and if you want, you can go kayaking. Provincetown Heritage Museum is located in this area where you will be able to find a model of a racing yacht and Grand Bank schooner. It exhibits works by notable artists, too.