Curitiba: Plan a Quality Trip to a Wealthy City


Curitiba is closer to the equator a city offering high-quality life. The beautiful city has been on my list for a long time and I wasn’t going to put off the plan any longer. No doubt, it has a great tourist appeal. Through this article, my friend Chris at thinkmaids.com & I are going to tell about the various attractions that the city has to offer.

Palácio Avenida

Being in Curitiba and not visiting Palácio Avenida would definitely have been a mistake. This place has the maximum footfalls in the city. If you happen to visit during Christmas, you will get to see an attractive side of the building. This is because it organizes Christmas Carol and this event is a great thing to experience. Also, the whole building it lit up and the event is accompanied by fireworks.

Tangua Park

This park used to be a quarry. It is open to visitors all throughout the day. I visited in the morning to spend some quiet time. You can stroll or cycle. There is also some wildlife to check out. What will take your heart away is the spectacular view of the waterfall. You will find a little pond where people enjoy water sprays. The park’s flora and fauna are simply exceptional.

Opera De Arame

Albeit, there are many historically important attractions in the city, there is one sight that is iconic to this city. It is the Wire Opera House. It showcases modern architecture which is a sight to behold. There is a large forest that runs around it. I also came across a lake. The attractions are situated at the top of the rock inside a crater and this was a quarry. If you are lucky you can catch in some ballet or concert performance.