Northlake In Texas Offers Rustic Desert Charm


Want to experience the rustic beauty of rural areas in Texas? Northlake is a town that would give you just that and more. It is located in the northern part of the state, between Fort Worth and Denton. It is only about 15 miles away from Dallas Fort Worth airport. If you are in Fort Worth, keep a day to visit Northlake and check out the historic charm of the place.

This area has upgraded to town status of a rural community in recent years, approximately since the sixties. Dan and Margaret Ashmore were the first secretary and mayor of the town who incorporated the municipality at a time when the town comprised of a total population of 200 people. The town hall was incorporated in 1999 and business has had a slow growth in this part. However, many of the rural and deserted areas and old houses in this region have an old world charm or known to be haunted houses that are popular with tourists.

One of the few retail spaces to explore in this area is the Northlake mall. Known to be the fifth mall that opened in the year 1971, it is located in Dekalb County. Here one can stop by to shop, watch the locals as they come by for the varied relaxation and entertainment options it offers.

In the town center, stop by the Hangman’s House of Horrors. Your kids will surely love the thrill it provides and the haunted house setup it offers. There are several escape game venues here as well, which have varying themes and challenge levels.

For a flavor of the local produce and farm life, stop by the Cherry Orchard. It is ideal to explore with your children and spend a few hours as well as to shop for local produce.

Great Wolf Lodge is a hotel cum amusement park facility. Other places that you could visit nearby are a DFW adventure park or even Dallas which is a stone’s throw from here.

Northlake is a place to come and savor the natural beauty of the rustic and deserted lands of Texas.