El Viejo: Touch Hearts With A Vacation Here


I visited El Viejo which is a small city near the Chinandega, the place is known for Its Gastronomic specialties. The specialties are Cajetas (Dulce De Leche), Rosquillas (Doughnut), Bollitos de leche (Scone) and Toncua (a particular type of fruit). Toncua is eaten with honey and it is related to papaya. I went to the Ecodetur Cosiguina Volcano Tour; the tour was breathtaking as peeping into the belly of earth can be very fascinating. The hike up towards the top was intense but was worth the experience. The sunset from there was really mesmerizing and watching the glow was something that would leave you in awe. While hiking, we enjoyed the birds in the forest and the fresh air of nature. Being near nature always bring peace to me, as the air is fresh and the silence of technological world but the noise of nature fills the ears.

Our next stop was Pinolero Tour; the tour at the place was good, got to see the heritage of the city and culture too. The view of the lake from the top of the hill was amazing. It was really deep, like a hole in the earth. It was decorated with the greenery and thus, the lake reflected the green shade. But, from near, the lake looked different with blue shade. I was with Ashley, my friend with Dashing Maids, and we saw some people riding horses as well.  Being from Colorado, Ashley said there are many people who ride horses so this reminded her of being back home.

Next was, Parroquia Santa Ana. It is a beautiful church which I would recommend for everyone to visit while on the tour in the city. The church is as the way it was when it was newly constructed. The main Altar is stunning and the side altars are equally beautiful. There is the Blessed Sacrament Chapel which was brought from Italy. The entry in Chapel is open for 24 hours a day. The music was modern.

Travel To El Valle De Antón To Praise Its Beauty


If you are planning to travel to El Valle de Anton to spend your vacation, trust me it is the right decision. The place has so many things for each one. When it came traveled to this city, I was not having many expectations from it, but after spending a week here, I changed my outlook for this city. So basically, this city is present in Central Panama. This is located at the crater of an extinct volcano. It is surrounded by cloud forest and mountains. This gives El Valle de Antón so many good things that it attracts travelers from all over the world.

In the northern side city, there is a national park called, Cerro Gaital National Park. This park has lots of wild animals and it is protected by 3 hills name Cerro Gaital, Cerro Caracoral and Cerro Pajita. The national park has beautiful trails that are wonderful to try adventure and get a closer view of nature. The trails give the mesmerizing view of the ocean. Along with that what I found fascinating here is the species of native birds here, there must be hundreds of here. I enjoyed watching red-legged the bay-headed tanager, honeycreeper, and blue-crowned motmot.

El Nispero Zoo is another exciting place to visit in El Valle de Antón. If you are an animal lover just like me, this is a place you are going to love. The zoo is spread in a large area, so come here with ample time.

La India Dormida is the spic mountain sunrise view from the valley is world famous and trust me you should not miss it. It has every worth taking pains to reach the top. I personally liked this place. Other places you should not miss in El Valle de Antón are Cerro Gaital, Chorro Macho, Pozos Termales and lastly the Butterfly Haven.

Chihuahua: Explore The Cultural Heritage


Chihuahua is situated at the western flank of a dessert with the same name. It is a city rich in history. During my trip, I found a display of many monuments and buildings.  It is home to artwork which varies from the colonial period till the neoclassical period. With fascinating history amalgamated with culture and art, this city has a lot to offer to travelers like me. I walked through the streets, enjoyed the excursion, and took a tour of Chihuahua. Lose yourself in the history of Mexico; take a look as to what it has to offer.

  • Historical Museum of Mexican Revolution

At Calle Decima, you will be able to visit Pancho Villa’s home. He had a major role to play in the Mexican Revolution of 1910 and 1920.  The estate had been taken upon by the government after the death of the widow of Villa, María de la Luz Corral in the year 1981. The building is filled with memorabilia related to the Mexican Revolution. You will find weapons, documents, personal effects; at the main entrance you will find a photograph of twenty-five women who claim to be his wives.

  • Quinta Gameros

Quinta Gameros is luxurious art Nouveau resident that had been ordered by his wife, Manuel Gameros. The work started in the year 1907 and had been done with at the morning of Mexican Revolution. However, the Porfirian couple couldn’t stay in the couple. I was surprised by the lavish and quirky details.

  • Chihuahua Cathedral

Chihuahua Cathedral is considered to be the finest Baroque monument to be found in northern Mexico. This stands out because of the use of Solomonic columns that isn’t that usual in New Spanish Baroque architecture. Some of the fittings I saw had been produced abroad such as the octagonal window had been made in Germany.

Stockholm: Get The Breeze Of Scandinavian In Sweden


The rich and royal history of Sweden can bring any history lovers, travel lovers and bloggers to the Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden and has a great and eminent history, which wove beautiful places and palaces. Walking through the streets of Stockholm, I tried to visualize the way it used to be years back, and the experience was overwhelming. There were different buildings right from centuries back till present showing how people, culture and time has changed everything.

Places to visit

The 14 islands in the city where Lake Mälaren flows into the Baltic Sea give a completely different feel. The soothing breeze, pleasant weather and water around made me so joyous, it helped me revive my inner peace. I thought it was impossible to find such calm and elegant surroundings in present days, where everyone is running to earn money creating chaos in every city, but this place proved me wrong. In a concrete jungle I found stunning sunrise and sunset with water stream running in between. The view was breathtaking.

The Royal family’s Drottningholm Palace and Gardens were open to public, experiencing the lives of the royal people and wonder in the historic palace was outstanding. This baroque style palace has 3 museums and a library.

Vasa Museum is another splendid place I had been to, where all antiques are well preserved, 17th century warship, vasa, that sank on her maiden voyage in 1628. Skansen an open air Swedish history museum showcase he lives of people and their history, with old buildings, people in costume and the zoo with Nordic animals. These different museums and palaces are the best places to visit and spend a vacation. This is one of the places I would love to visit again and again. It is like a living paradise.

Stockholm, being the capital city of Sweden is easily accessible from major cities around the world with flights. From Europe, you can access the city through rail.

Rome, the city rich with culture and history!


In a city that is filled with so much history and a lot about Christianity faith, it is difficult to choose where to go first. Although your own interest may guide you somewhere else just like how it happened with me, there are some places which are compulsory to visit when you are in Rome. I will take you through the places; I had been to and let you know why you must also go there!

  • The Colosseum

This is the first picture that comes to anyone’s mind when they hear about Rome and so did it for me. It is the largest identify of the ancient Roman Empire and even till date a lot of sports happen there on the field. Built in AD 80, this is the home of many concerts, parties, festivals, games and sport games. One must not miss this if they are looking to live the times of the Roman era.

  • Vatican City

This is the smallest independent country in the world. Believe it or not, the area is less than half a kilometer! But this compact sized country offers so much for the tourists to see from the St. Peters Basilica to the St. Peters Square. Do note that the ticketing to the Vatican City is always in demand and one would have to wait for a long time to get it. Alternatively, you can purchase the Skip the line tours beforehand, just like how I did.

Apart from these there are also the Roman Forum, the Trevi Fountain, and the Pantheon.

Rome is a melting pot of cultures and with a high tourism rates, it accommodates food and lifestyles of almost all countries in the world. Once you are here, you will surely never miss home.

Rome is accessible by flight from all major cities in the world and many small cities as well. Across Europe one can grab the rail to reach Rome.

Amsterdam: Heading In File


Amsterdam the capital of the Netherlands is spread over an area of 219.32km2. Personally, when talking about Amsterdam, the first thing with which I relate it to is my favorite teenage writer Anne Frank’s hideout, which has now been turned into the Anne Frank museum along with the most commonly spoken languages Dutch.

Many of the famous companies have their EU headquarters in Amsterdam, which includes Netflix, Uber and even the world’s oldest stock exchange. We absolutely couldn’t forget the nightlife like Melkweg, Paradiso and the festival activities held here along with the strings of museums especially around Museum Plein- beating heart of culture.

What to do here?

But when talking about drinks and beers it would be a good idea to visit De Gooyer-one of the eight remaining windmills where you get to taste standard as well as seasonal ales.

Who doesn’t like shopping and for the absolute shopaholics we recommend visiting The Nine Streets are the perfect go, with numerous retailer selling fine items just like in Haarlemmerdijk and Czaarpeterstraat.

In case you happen to be visiting around spring, then it would a good idea to visit the unique worlds only floating flower market.

This place also has some serious partying lifestyle, the trippy marijuana that is legal and 24/7 bars that never sees emptiness. Definitely they would suggest you to stay away, especially as a first time traveler. Instead, get in some free walking tours and spend time in parks for serenity and an opportunity to meet new people.

Just like almost anywhere on this planet, it’s the best to use your naturally gifted tires aka legs for moving around nearby places, hire vehicles or simply get on trains/buses.

One of the things that should be noted while being here are the crazily high withdrawal fees that are charged even on the smallest transaction. Hence avoid taking out money in small bunches very frequently.

Things that can be done when around Amsterdam are, exploring water boats and canals, visiting museums and Peaceful strolls down parks like Vondel Park. Do note that Amsterdam can be reached via flights at the Schipol Airport connects all major cities in Europe and from across the world.

Copenhagen: Spend Your Holidays Wisely In The Danish Capital


A place where cycles are more than the people, a place titled for the happiest people, a place where euro doesn’t work, the place with the world’s second oldest amusement park. Welcome to the land of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

So did you just decide backpacking to Copenhagen?  Keep these things in mind for a happy time at this beautiful place.

Since budget is one of the key factors for most of the travelers and drives about the whole conclusion of whether the trip was pleasant or a meteorite to the Pocket, leaving a big crater imprint.

Make sure you have an average budget of $50-$80 for every single day along with a MUST insurance because it somewhat stands true to what someone wise rightly said that you cannot afford to travel if you can’t afford to have an insurance. God Forbid, you fall into some mishap you would be in for more troubles and later pay for debts and hospital bills which you never thought about.

A two or a three day visit is about a decent time to spend on the minimum side to experience the culture and the architecture.  Hot dogs and kebabs are one of the cheapest fuller meals you can get for low prices along with the all you can eat buffets.

Hostels around Copenhagen are quite pricey, but it won’t be a bad idea to stay at hotels with a wider scope than just making money like an NGO supported hotel, e.g. Globalhagen hotel. Another notable accommodation can be Couchsurfing wherein you meet new people and learn about different aspects from the natives and people from other countries under one single roof.

Places to visit
Places that are worth a while to visit are the national museum, Tivoli gardens, Frederiksberg gardens, Nyhavn and the must go to place I would recommend is Freetown-a mind blowing area that you can consider as a city within a city that has its own norms and a dope flag!   She loves travel and has bad allergies and I bet that Copenhagen would be a great place for her and her family to visit, given is fresh clean atmosphere.

When talking about the transportation facilities, public transport doesn’t seem to be a bad idea until you get pretty confused with the system of its pricing. Other than that hiring a bicycle is the best option along with walking as usual because you can literally get to almost every place on a bicycle/bike.

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