Curitiba: Plan a Quality Trip to a Wealthy City


Curitiba is closer to the equator a city offering high-quality life. The beautiful city has been on my list for a long time and I wasn’t going to put off the plan any longer. No doubt, it has a great tourist appeal. Through this article, my friend Chris at thinkmaids.com & I are going to tell about the various attractions that the city has to offer.

Palácio Avenida

Being in Curitiba and not visiting Palácio Avenida would definitely have been a mistake. This place has the maximum footfalls in the city. If you happen to visit during Christmas, you will get to see an attractive side of the building. This is because it organizes Christmas Carol and this event is a great thing to experience. Also, the whole building it lit up and the event is accompanied by fireworks.

Tangua Park

This park used to be a quarry. It is open to visitors all throughout the day. I visited in the morning to spend some quiet time. You can stroll or cycle. There is also some wildlife to check out. What will take your heart away is the spectacular view of the waterfall. You will find a little pond where people enjoy water sprays. The park’s flora and fauna are simply exceptional.

Opera De Arame

Albeit, there are many historically important attractions in the city, there is one sight that is iconic to this city. It is the Wire Opera House. It showcases modern architecture which is a sight to behold. There is a large forest that runs around it. I also came across a lake. The attractions are situated at the top of the rock inside a crater and this was a quarry. If you are lucky you can catch in some ballet or concert performance.

Buffalo Grove: Escape from the Chaos of the City to Natural Bliss


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Situated at the northern Chicago suburb is Buffalo Grove. It is frequented by tourists from all over the world. There are a plethora of things to do here. I found this to be an excellent option to get away from the daily hustle-bustle of city life. The outdoor life is simply going to refresh you. Here is a list of the things that you can do when you are in the city.

Long Grove Confectionary Company

Who doesn’t love chocolate! People with a sweet tooth and kids are going to fall in love with this attraction. Long Grove Confectionary Company creates amazing chocolates which are wrapped beautifully. I found the confectionary offering something for everyone, starting from bars to chocolates for a special occasion. Go on, try out something new.

Raupp Museum

In case you feel that visiting the museum isn’t that fun, you should definitely check this out. I found this to be the most involved museum of Buffalo Grove. There are several galleries and exhibits. If you are a history buff, there are some artifacts which focus on the local history. These will surely prove to be educational.

Wheeling Aquatic Center

Are you looking for some fun? Head to the Wheeling Aquatic Center. I was there only for a short period of time. So, I had to avail the best amenities that were available like Volcano Valley, Tsunami Splash, and much more. These proved to be really exciting. Hours pass away like minutes in here.

Kohl Children’s Museum

Are you traveling with your kids? Do not forget to drop in at this children’s museum. It offers a combination of interaction, fun, and education. I spend the entire day just walking around. It has a combination of fixed and temporary exhibits. Children will be able to learn about every topic.

The Top Places Of Santiago De Veraguas You Should Not Miss


Santiago de Veraguas is the place I always wanted to travel to and when I finally got the chance, it was an amazing moment for me. The city has many attractions, which you will come to know only when you will explore the city in depth. When I came to the city, I find not many places to visit. But, then I made some local friends. They informed me about some places that are attractions of the city and when I went to the place, I found those places, really amazing.

They first took me to reserve La Yeguada, the beauty of this place was something that could not be explained by words. The place was Far out and in the middle of nowhere. It had an enchanting and picturesque wilderness. The tall pine trees point was beneath your feet. Then we got a superb view of the lake. This is the lake created by a volcanic eruption. The amazing beauty of this place took our breath away.  

Our second destination was Iglesia de San Francisco de la Montana, the church was an old structure and had a beautiful architect both inside and outside. Just at the distance of a few kilometers, there is a bakery, where breads are baked on wood which spread an aromatic fragrance around the church.

Torio Beach, it is a small finishing village present in the south of Santiago. It is a small and interesting place, but extra fancy. There were many sand dollars and shells present here. However, what I didn’t find here are water sports. The present of it could have made this beach a real attraction.

Last but not least, I thoroughly enjoyed the food of this place. Do not forget to taste dishes made of fishes here.

Santa Tecla: This Large City Can Be Your Next Home


A few days ago, I took a trip to Santa Tecla with my friends. It is considered one of the largest cities in the country. It still has the architectural styles in its town. The city is well maintained and is patrolled by metropolitan guards. We went in our car as it has well-built roads. One may even take a bus there. The best way to explore the city is to walk through it.

As we reached in the afternoon, first we went to have a quick bite at El Cafecito. We had some paninis and crepes. We then went to Plaza Merliot which is one of the earliest centers in El Salvador. Even this place has a food court where the food ranges from waffles, burgers and homemade type meals. Afterward, we took a private evening tour of El Boqueron. It is the iconic volcano of San Salvador and is considered as the symbol of the city. It is located 25 km from the city. We took the trail to the top. The view was breathtaking and even the fresh air was soothing. It is also known as Big Mouth. We explored the massive crater which was 5 km in diameter. On the way back, we had the traditional food parrillada and barbecue.

The next morning we had our breakfast at a joint called Pupuserias. It is authentic food. We had cheese and bean pupusas. Then we explored the El Rosario Church. We even went to the massive Metropolitan Cathedral. Later we went to Paseo El Carmen. It is a major tourist attraction with restaurants, cafes, and bars. It has been named after El Carmen church. There are various street vendors too.

We left the city during the late evening. But it was a memorable trip.

El Viejo: Touch Hearts With A Vacation Here


I visited El Viejo which is a small city near the Chinandega, the place is known for Its Gastronomic specialties. The specialties are Cajetas (Dulce De Leche), Rosquillas (Doughnut), Bollitos de leche (Scone) and Toncua (a particular type of fruit). Toncua is eaten with honey and it is related to papaya. I went to the Ecodetur Cosiguina Volcano Tour; the tour was breathtaking as peeping into the belly of earth can be very fascinating. The hike up towards the top was intense but was worth the experience. The sunset from there was really mesmerizing and watching the glow was something that would leave you in awe. While hiking, we enjoyed the birds in the forest and the fresh air of nature. Being near nature always bring peace to me, as the air is fresh and the silence of technological world but the noise of nature fills the ears.

Our next stop was Pinolero Tour; the tour at the place was good, got to see the heritage of the city and culture too. The view of the lake from the top of the hill was amazing. It was really deep, like a hole in the earth. It was decorated with the greenery and thus, the lake reflected the green shade. But, from near, the lake looked different with blue shade. I was my friend being from Colorado, Ashley said there are many people who ride horses so this reminded her of being back home.

Next was, Parroquia Santa Ana. It is a beautiful church which I would recommend for everyone to visit while on the tour in the city. The church is as the way it was when it was newly constructed. The main Altar is stunning and the side altars are equally beautiful. There is the Blessed Sacrament Chapel which was brought from Italy. The entry in Chapel is open for 24 hours a day. The music was modern.

Travel To El Valle De Antón To Praise Its Beauty


If you are planning to travel to El Valle de Anton to spend your vacation, trust me it is the right decision. The place has so many things for each one. When it came traveled to this city, I was not having many expectations from it, but after spending a week here, I changed my outlook for this city. So basically, this city is present in Central Panama. This is located at the crater of an extinct volcano. It is surrounded by cloud forest and mountains. This gives El Valle de Antón so many good things that it attracts travelers from all over the world.

In the northern side city, there is a national park called, Cerro Gaital National Park. This park has lots of wild animals and it is protected by 3 hills name Cerro Gaital, Cerro Caracoral and Cerro Pajita. The national park has beautiful trails that are wonderful to try adventure and get a closer view of nature. The trails give the mesmerizing view of the ocean. Along with that what I found fascinating here is the species of native birds here, there must be hundreds of here. I enjoyed watching red-legged the bay-headed tanager, honeycreeper, and blue-crowned motmot.

El Nispero Zoo is another exciting place to visit in El Valle de Antón. If you are an animal lover just like me, this is a place you are going to love. The zoo is spread in a large area, so come here with ample time.

La India Dormida is the spic mountain sunrise view from the valley is world famous and trust me you should not miss it. It has every worth taking pains to reach the top. I personally liked this place. Other places you should not miss in El Valle de Antón are Cerro Gaital, Chorro Macho, Pozos Termales and lastly the Butterfly Haven.

Chihuahua: Explore The Cultural Heritage


Chihuahua is situated at the western flank of a dessert with the same name. It is a city rich in history. During my trip, I found a display of many monuments and buildings.  It is home to artwork which varies from the colonial period till the neoclassical period. With fascinating history amalgamated with culture and art, this city has a lot to offer to travelers like me. I walked through the streets, enjoyed the excursion, and took a tour of Chihuahua. Lose yourself in the history of Mexico; take a look as to what it has to offer.

  • Historical Museum of Mexican Revolution

At Calle Decima, you will be able to visit Pancho Villa’s home. He had a major role to play in the Mexican Revolution of 1910 and 1920.  The estate had been taken upon by the government after the death of the widow of Villa, María de la Luz Corral in the year 1981. The building is filled with memorabilia related to the Mexican Revolution. You will find weapons, documents, personal effects; at the main entrance you will find a photograph of twenty-five women who claim to be his wives.

  • Quinta Gameros

Quinta Gameros is luxurious art Nouveau resident that had been ordered by his wife, Manuel Gameros. The work started in the year 1907 and had been done with at the morning of Mexican Revolution. However, the Porfirian couple couldn’t stay in the couple. I was surprised by the lavish and quirky details.

  • Chihuahua Cathedral

Chihuahua Cathedral is considered to be the finest Baroque monument to be found in northern Mexico. This stands out because of the use of Solomonic columns that isn’t that usual in New Spanish Baroque architecture. Some of the fittings I saw had been produced abroad such as the octagonal window had been made in Germany.

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